2009 Presentations – Chicago

2009 ASAP meeting hosted by Operation Giving Back, American College of Surgeons, Chicago, Illinois, USA



McQueen – 2009 BoSD Welcome

Academic Partnerships for Improved Surgical Delivery

Azzie – Toronto / Botswana Partnership

Bickler – Surgical Prioritization

Casey/McQueen – Surgical Care Delivered by International Organizations: An Initial Questionnaire

Chu – Surgical Task Shifting in Africa

Chu – MSF Data Collection

Detlefs/McQueen – Assessing the Global Anesthesia Shortage

Enright – The Global Crisis in Anesthesia

Gosselin – Cost Effectiveness of Surgery in Developing Countries

Hsia – Priorities in Surgical Services: What, Where, How & When

Hsia – Models for Surgical Training of Providers in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mock – Prioritization of Surgical Conditions: Increasing the Connections between Surgery and Public Health

NGO Surgical Delivery: Data Collection, Collaboration, Best Practices

Obstetrical Emergencies in District Hospitals

Stanton – Unmet Obstetric Need and Implications for Calculating the Burden of Surgical Disease