2010 Presentations – Nashville

2010 ASAP meeting, hosted by Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health, Nashville, Tennessee, USA



Biehl – Foundation Trust

Haiti Post-Earthquake: Challenges and Rewards of Surgical Delivery

Heimburger – Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health

Isherwood – For Crying Out Loud 

McQueen – Burden of Surgical Disease

Morrill – Corporate Partnerships

Newton – Task-shifting: Stretching the Anesthesia Coverage in East Africa

Riviello – Training and Maintaining the Future Low and Middle Income Countries’ Workforces 

Riviello – BWH / PIH Wound Care Team, Haiti

Stabile – Cultural Understanding: Methods for Achieving Safer Surgery and Anesthesia

Sullivan – Surgeon’s Dispatch from Cange, Haiti


Vos – Surgery – A Public Health Priority in Low Income Countries?

Woodrow – Marrere Government Health Center, Mozambique, Africa


Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session 1 – Global Anesthesia Workforce Crisis

Breakout Session 2 – Raising the Standard for Surgical Delivery and Outcomes

Breakout Session 3 – Academic Partnerships in Low + Middle Income Countries: Collaboration and Curbing Duplication

Breakout Session 4 – Obstetrics Today – Burden of Global Obstetric Disease

Breakout Session 5 – The Burden of Surgical Disease Working Group in Transition