2013 Presentations – Duke

2013 ASAP meeting, hosted by Duke Center for Global Health, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA



McQueen Welcome – ASAP: 6 Years and Counting

Dzau Keynote – Academic Health Centers Must Engage in Global Health and Medicine

Sugarman Keynote – Ethical Issues in Global Health Initiatives

Bartlett – Duke Global Health Insititute in Action

Berry – The WHO Surgical Safety Checklist as an International Standard of Care in 2013

Brown – Global Health: Addressing the Need for Education in Women’s Health

Casey – Advocating for Surgery in Global Public Health

Charles – UNC Malawi Surgical Initiative: Changing Trauma Care through Education and Research

Cotton – The Global Need for Surgery: A Proposed Solution

Cusack – Providing Multidisciplinary Cancer Care in Rwanda: What is the Standard of Care?

Derbrew – Family Medicine: Addressing the Global Burden of Medical and Surgical Disease – Ethiopian Experience

Doohan – Family Medicine and Global Health: A Critical Contributor to Impacting the Global Burden of Disease

Enright – Coordination and Co-operation – Are We Doing Enough?

Finlayson – Education and Academic Partnerships: Preparing for Academic Engagement in Global Settings

Goucke – Essential Pain Management

Haglund – Building Surgical Capacity through Twinning, Training and Technology

Hansen – What’s In It for the Host Institution? Working Towards “Win – Win”

Ko – Assessing Surgical Quality

Lagoo – A Possible Solution to the Rural – Urban Divide

Leckman – Advocacy for Surgery

Lockhart – Management of Coagulopathic Obstetric Hemorrhage

Lyerly – Perspectives of Early Career Oncologists in China, India and Pakistan

Lynch – Spectrum of Global Injury Care

Marcus and Daluvoy – Duke Plastic Surgery: Academic Surgery and Educational Exchange Continuum

McQueen – Duke: Closing Comments

Matthews – Lessons from an International Collaboration in Academic Surgery: The Indiana University / Moi University Partnership, 1996-2013

Muir – Future Directions in Global Anesthesia

Newman – Academic Anesthesia: Our Role in Global Outreach

Notrica – Burden (and Prevalence) of Pain: Survey Pilot in Northern Ghana

Numann – International Surgical Rotations: Challenges and Benefits

Ofulobi – Duke Anesthesia: Global Service

Pappas – Global Health Education: Matching Interests and Opportunities

Roche – Anesthesia in Low Resource Settings

Wall – Approaching Ethical Issues in Global Surgery and Anesthesia

Supplemental materials:

PeriOperative Mortality Rate (movie)

McQueen WJS editorial – Global Surgery: Measuring the Impact